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Western Square Industries is the world’s leading manufacturer
of barrel racks and provide a variety of equipment to meet ever-changing 
needs. Our products are proudly manufactured in America.
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Introducing The Barrel Master System from Western Square Industries. 

This system comes with wheels or with standard Western Square cradles. With wheels it allows barrels to roll in place and yet have the same reliability as Western Square's traditional systems.

The Barrel Master System is a rack-on-rack structure with wheels or traditional cradles. When produced with wheels it allows the lees to be stirred without introducing additional oxygen into the wine. Burgundy and Bordeaux barrels can be mixed, as well as different cooperages, because the barrels do not rest on each other. These racks may be stacked eight high and can be produced for Cognac- and puncheon-size barrels. They are available in stainless steel or other types of coatings.