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Western Square Industries is the world’s leading manufacturer of barrel racks and provide a variety of equipment to meet ever-changing needs. 
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Mistral is an open flame manual toasted barrel for premium wines that evolve smoothly, developing complex aromas and round, sweeter and softer tannins. The moderate and slower release of components such as aldehydes and phenols and volatile lactones results in an unprecedented contribution of minerals, and flavours. This barrel owes its uniqueness to an ancient French toasting process, called Chauffe à Cœur, "toasted of the heart."
Its remarkable complexity, the softness of its tannins, the retention of the fruit and the vitality of its chocolate, vanilla, coffee and other flavours, generate a powerful attraction among international wine experts and connoisseurs.


Barrel for high quality wines that evolve harmonically.
Selection of fine-grained wood.
Naturally air-dried for up to 36 months.
Unprecedented penetration for open flame toasting (12 mm).
Subtle flavours of toasted wood which respect varietal aromas.
Elegant and sweet tannins of outstanding complexity.
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